Monday, September 9, 2013

Breaking News: George Zimmerman Arrested again September 9th 2013

Monday, Lake Mary, Florida

Allegedly, George Zimmerman and his wife Shellie were arguing, and her dad proceeded to intervene. Zimmerman was described as being very belligerent, and reaching for his gun.

Many of you may be well aware of Zimmerman's last run-ins with police. He was stopped twice for speeding in the past month. He apparently has no regard for the law.

The report which followed said that Zimmerman was involved in some kind of altercation and that he pulled his gun in a threatening manner, on another person.

George Zimmerman’s arrest today comes just one day after his wife Shellie filed for divorce.

There are no further details about today’s arrest of George Zimmerman. This article will be updated when further updates are availiable


12:25 PM PT -- Lake Mary Police Chief Steve Bracknell tells TMZ, Shellie was visiting her father this afternoon when George arrived and became aggressive. The chief says George allegedly threatened Shellie and her family, and had his hand on his gun. Shellie told police George then hit her dad.

8 officers are currently on the scene. George is currently being detained and has NOT been arrested.

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