Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dollar General Penny Items: How to find and Purchase

If your are a constant or sporadic reader of this blog, then you know that I've had a moderate amount of success finding and purchasing items for only one cent. You may find plenty of penny items, however, there's no guarantee that you will leave the store with them. Why?  If it was left to each store manager, the odds of you leaving with a penny item are none.

First, you need to familiarize yourself with known penny items, you can do this by viewing my videos below:

Second, now that you have an idea of what to look for, you need to know more. Like if you see seasonal items from the fall, summer,winter etc,. the likelihood of these items being marked down to a penny are very high. Below is a list of additional items to look for:

Rugs brown dots (beware of the new brown dots)
purple dot is 60% off

Mens and boys Gray dot f11 or s11 Dept 320
Mens pink dot sp12 dept 320
Womens Pink dot f11 or sp12 dept 310
Blue dot shoes
Pink dot handbags
Girls cars shirts w/ green stars (these are $7.50 in my store)
Bobbie Brooks blue dot girls
Kids - blue dots FA12 Dept 300 ,
pink dots S12 Dept 300, excluding girls disney
Mens navy canvas slip on shoes marked F11

Amazing value w/ ABC or D under price
Dollar days
Green star messenger bags
Mini porcelain tea sets
Disney pillow pets ending 709
Tangled and Spiderman sun glasses
Happy Napkzq,,per sing a long
Oragami kits w/ butterfly on front
Hooded baby blanket
Toy story rocket ship
Disney comfy throws

ASTV ( As Seen On TV):
Forever lazy
Loop wizard
Fringe magic
Irenew bracelets
Wiggle stoppers
Style snaps
Snuggie varsir
Extend a bra
Fashion sharpers
Comphy Feet slippers
Amazing hangers
Cuddlee deluxe
bling it on
amazing meatloaf
Underbed Dual Organizer
hair Feathers
Perfect Bra
Forever Cuddlee

garmin gps' ringing up 90% off
Some digital cameras and wii accessories 90% off
jWin webcams
wii boxing Gloves
high school Musical 3 for the X box 360
Blue dot electronics

Third, Know your rights as it pertains to being a Dollar General customer. 9 out of 10 times the cashier will inform you that they're not allowed to sell you a penny item -- this is not the case.

Once a customer brings a penny item up to the register, and that item is scanned, by their own rules located in their SOP manual, they must sell you the item.

Don't back down and don't be disorderly. You don't want to fight. Just politely inform "them" (manager included) that you are well aware of their policy, and that you would be willing to wait while they lookup the information in their employee handbook.  If they still refuse, you have two options left. You can walk away or call corporate.

(615) 855-4000 (Mon-Fri 8-5 pm EST) 

Yes, since they're only open Monday through Friday, this would be the ideal  time to do your penny shopping.

Of course you can always reach Dollar General representatives outside of those hours, but you may or may not receive a good result.


  1. I see you are saving a lot of money with this practice. It used to be that the penny items were given to charity. Now they have to send them back to the warehouse. So, now the charity isn't getting the items, and you are as much as stealing them for resale. Does this seem right? I'd feel guilty, how about you?

    1. Before you go judging people have you ever considered that there are people that are donating these items as well. One dollar general wasn't to eager to donate something cause when they told a customer they couldn't sell it to them they took scissor and cut it to shreds. I myself donate and I know so do others. I can't speak to everyone but no I don't feel guilty, you should feel guilty for doing something the Bible says not to do. DO NOT JUDGES OTHERS FOR YOU'LL BE JUDGED

    2. Oh and I guess the family that I gave to that wasn't going to be able to get their children hardly anything due to husband loosing his job but guess that wasn't considered charity to you.

    3. In my part of Florida any unclaimed penny items go to charity. However since more people have come aware of the items the clarity box is getting skimpy. But had we known about it before now our organization would have gladly paid the pennies,

    4. Many people truly need the savings to make ends meet, others use it for charitable purposes, others out of pure greed. I know in my part of Florida any unclaimed penny items go to charity. The box this year was skimpy the cashier said because people have become more aware of the penny items. Had I know this prior I would gladly paid a penny and so have others in the organization. But today was the first I heard of it.

    5. I went last night and knew nothing about this,,,I wondered why my coloring book was a penny. I was happy. And do I feel guilty that I bought an item for a penny because they didnt sent it to salvation army, st. vincent depaul, or goodwill,,,hell NOOooo. Heres why. They receive items from Target that they clearanced out and did not sell(Tennis shoes). They were priced at Target for $3. They sent them to GOODWILL(a charity place to help people who cant afford regular prices right?) and GOOD WILL priced these shoes at $20 a pair. Isnt this just sickening. And you want us to feel guilty because a STORE is willing to sell these items to us for a penny? Id rather BUY and give to my children and my homeless people then to give to them thieves anyday! St. Vincents you know what they did. They had people there with vouchers for free clothing because they couldnt afford to pay. Well they YELLED, "those paying come in the line first, the rest of you WAIT". Seriously? Salvation Army, priced a faded old lil boys tshirt for $3. The woman who prices them this high is still there and she is a pathetic as can be. When its her time, she will die a slow horrible death before hell. Oh and let me mention that, all these CHARITY, places have volunteers. The volunteers get first pick to take home before selling to others. Gifts of Grace has even admitted this. So do your research before you open your mouth to what you dont know. MY DAUGHTERS and I are the ones who help these people with out savings, and im proud of it. I have NO reason to be ashamed. YOU sticking up for those who do the stealing should be ashamed!!!

    6. It's not stealing if they are selling it to you. It depends on corporate's policies and from things I've read they don't give to charity either because no one comes to pick up the stuff and take it to the charity places. Yes, I think they should do that or at least sell the items but a lot of them are shredding or breaking the items up which is not great either. At least these people are being face to face with the workers and trying to follow corporate's guidelines and paying and not literally pocketing things and stealing. Stealing and getting a good deal are 2 different things. If you break rules then yes it is different. But if it rings up as a penny they have to sell it to you since it was in the store and unfortunately the workers get wrote up and fired for this. And a lot of people are blaming the workers but if they are so busy they cannot get these things taken to the back to be destroyed because they are working or waiting on people then there is not much they can do. Corporate needs to change how they do things. It needs to go to either charity or be sold as penny items. If you feel that way about people doing that I guess you think people who extreme coupon are thieves also? No, they are not. If you do everything within the limits of the law and don't break laws or rules then you are doing nothing wrong. People now a days have to use their brains to save money to keep afloat so don't judge someone for trying to make it on their own and things like that. sheesh ppl.

    7. I work at Dollar General and our penny items ARE donated to our local charity. They go to the fire dept, which in turn helps the less fortunate at Christmas time. If they are items that they don't want, we send to the local thrift store. If someone happens on a penny item...we sell it to them, no problem.

    8. I work at Dollar General and we donate our penny items to our local Tri County and they give the items to people who need it. For example if there's a house fire they give whatever items the family needs to that family. "They also help families with Christmas. Our manager will call and have them pick the items up and if for some reason they can't pick them up she'll drop the items off to them.

  2. No . . . its not stealing. I call it thrifty shopping. Most of the penny item I get I give away to those in need and the one's I can use I keep for myself. Times are really hard for many right now. So, looking for deals and bargains is what we do. This is no worse than a coupon-er. Same taste . . . different flavor.

  3. We were told by a DG employee that these penny items have to be shredded and destroyed. These items do not go to charities. I think that's horrible that perfectly good items go to waste like this. Get these penny items while you can and I would absolutely not feel the least bit guilty about it. Even if they did not get destroyed, I still would feel no guilt. As much money as we spend with the DG, I would be tickled if I got something for a penny!

    1. No this is incorrect. This DG employee was apparently misinformed. The new policy requiring DG stores to return unsold items to the DC has been instated to allow DG to make a bit more money and sell discontinued items to 3rd party vendors in bulk. This practice is helping low volume stores stay open.

    2. One person did in fact shred something but I also know that another store mgr said they don't donate they sell to stores like big lots

  4. They do give a lot to charity but certain items that can be sold the following season are sent back to the dc. The managers work load is very great and they can't always get up every item and so when you come and buy it for a penny you are not only hurting the corporation but the manager. The penny item reflects negatively on the inventory and the manager loses any chance for the bonus they work so hard for all year so it's like taking the food right out of the mouthes if their children. I just don't feel it right and yes I know a manager that's a single mom and she works so hard but the public either gets her with the penny items and or the shoplifting.

  5. This helps a lot for us on disability

    1. Yes it is but what does a person do if it doesn't ring up a penny? Can you still get it for a penny?

    2. no whatever it rings up at is how much it is

  6. Be careful with the BOGO wrapping paper on sale. SOME wrapping paper is $0.01 so you might end up with one full price and saving a penny rather than getting a full priced one for free. PS - I've only ran into to 1 store in my county with pennied wrapping paper and it was a total accident. and the are no marks such as dots or stars. So if you need it full price for the sale look for something new. If you want it for a penny look for older labels.

  7. how do I know which items do they automatically scan for .01. how do I get started..

  8. I am a Dollar General employee and I would like to thank who ever posted these items. Now I can go threw my store and donate what we can and send back what we have to. Have a great day.

    1. have at it :-) if she didn't want it to be public, it wouldn't be here!

    2. With all respect, DG employee can you help all of us understand why you are taking this post personally? I could be wrong, but you are going to make the same amount her hour, per week, per year regardless if we pay full price or a penny! What is the issue here? I personally donate to SEVERAL homeless shelters in the area. I am not rich or I would donate it directly out of my pocket! The penny finds, even the 90% off finds gives me the satisfaction that I can help even on the smallest dime out of my pocket! Don't take it personally! Appreciate people who try and do the right thing! You didn't make up the policy so it really isn't anything for you to be bitter about.

    3. Look DG employee, you know as well as I do that you don't send everything back! I'd be willing to bet that ATLEAST one time you have taken something that was "to be sent back or disposed of" for your own benefit. I penny shop. I've gotten thousands of items and guess what I do not feel guilty about getting any of it. It just seems to me like these bitter employees are pissed off because the rest of society has learned about these amazing deals for just a penny! So now when we beat you to the penny items you get pissed because employees "technically" can't purchase them! I'd be pissed off too if I was used to getting free stuff and all the sudden others started getting it all instead of myself!lol
      Geez, if DG as a company didn't want the items to go to a penny they could change that! I'm willing to bet that they'll never change it though because I guarantee you that DG has made more money in the last 6 months than its ever made! We penny hunters purchase non-penny items as well!

    4. The reason the dg employees are giving people a hard time is because they try to hide the stuff and only allow their friends or themselves to buy the items. The people in the store I briefly worked in called you guys hoarders. I sold many .01 items one day to a lady who works in a foster home and yes she was hoarding, hoarding birthday presents and Christmas presents for kids who don't get much. I am not saying all employees feel this way (I certainly didn't) but to say the managers are losing their hard earned bonuses is complete bs.

    5. And yes Kenzie the penny hunters buy a lot of items that are way more than a penny. You hit the nail on the head!!!

    6. Actually the reason DG employees take it personally is because people come in and COMPLETELY trash the store, are EXTREMELY rude when prices aren't what they think it should be, and then we're left with the buggy or buggies FULL of items they THOUGHT were a penny, but were not, to put back out. How would any of you feel if someone came into your place of business and COMPLETELY, and I do mean completely, destroy the shelves searching for stuff? Or arguing with you because it's not a price that they think it should be? Or leave you with a HUGE mess to put back out and then a HUGE mess on the sales floor to clean up? As for the comment about us hiding penny items for ourselves, that's COMPLETELY false. We are NOT allowed to purchase them, we will be fired! IF people were halfway decent about it, it wouldn't be an issue at all.

    7. I had someone come into my store that left boxes of socks all over the floor, shirts in the shoe boxes, was mad because two of the items wasn't a penny. I have a lot to do during the day and a lot of days I don't have time to pick up a lot of extra stuff that the customer could put back themselves. I don't mind them buying the penny items, if they find them buy them I'm just asking to please pick up after themselves.

    8. DG employees take it personal because we in most cases are the stores of our communities. When we give this stuff to people we know need it, it is rewarding, because we know that it is going to someone who needs it. When you housewives and lonely shoppers club members come in and buy it, you are doing so because of a need, it's your hobby. You all should be made to present a non profit status before you are allowed to leave with it.

    9. You all destroy our stores and even hide some of it and call your friends. You are greedy and you are helping no one but yourselves. We try to scan twice a week and we remove old planogram items immefiatrly

  9. Here's a question for anyone reading this.... If she or I either one took our time and went to a DG, went through tons of items, bought for a penny and then decided to sale something....lets say a pair of shoes, for a dollar, exactly why is that wrong? A brand new $10 pair of shoes, that someone else can use/needs and they are willing to pay that. Why is it wrong? I/she has spent our time and effort to find these deals, pass a huge savings on to someone and made 99cents... I'm sorry but I see nothing wrong with it. I haven't ever found anything for a penny much less resale it but I'd buy something from her for a huge discount if I wanted the item.

  10. The "Penny Item" do actually get sent back to corporate and have to included in a count. Items can be donated but there is a form that has to be filed with corporate, and be approved. In my store I have had several issues with employees selling the penny items. When I started as an employee I was poorly trained by my manager. Saturday and Sundays we could come in early to stock our shelves, while the manager slept in the office. The previous store was a total mess. It ranged from customers stealing to the store manager stealing, which was caught on tape. This is where the issue comes with "donations" and why we have set in place a system to better our communities to actually donate. Yet, honestly it's still an issue due to the high theft rate in our stores. The little monetary box in front of our registers are to help promote literacy within the US. My old manager was caught stealing coins from that to fed her children. As a manager my job is to set a "Positive Example" for my store and especially my employees.

  11. Something I bought rang up for a penny and the manager ask me where I got it, I told her the clearance isle and she said she had to throw the rest of them in the garbage. Yes.... I ask if she said, "The garbage" and she confirmed. No donations there.

  12. I am fairly new to this but have been to over a dozen stores and every time I encountered a situation where they refused to sell it to me they ALL said they were supposed to dispose of the items in the dumpster. Every time.
    The one person who showed this to me donates 80% of her findings, and I do as well. I save on necessities and give when I don't need items. Thank you for this blog.

  13. Penny items are a thing of the past . all stores are told not to sell them and to tell everyone that they have been recalled so no sale on the penny items . And i found out it was because of people calling corp acting like spoiled brats . I date someone in corp office and this new rule will go into S.O.P. very soon

  14. what does a person do if it doesn't ring up a penny? Can you still get it for a penny?

  15. My aRea still does it. I am trying to find the list. ANYONE WILLING TO HELP ME?? PLEASEEEEE

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  20. How do i know when the penny sale is and how do i find the list for May 2015? Also what date?

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  22. Most of you that claim you are donating these things are lying. Half of the penny stuff is not even something you would give away. You save your money and wares time by hopping around from DG to DG and you remove our ability to donate and give this stuff to people who need it. If you are donating it, you need to present non-profit status before taking it.