Sunday, December 15, 2013

$15 off $50 Sephora Gift card (not what you think)

I've been racking my brain, wondering why so many people were trading the $15 off $50 Sephora coupon code. I assumed it was because Sephora rarely releases any type of $$ off coupon. So therefor, they would be in hot demand. Boy was I wrong. The reason so many people are trading this card, is because this card works a gift card-- comes with a pin and all. If you make an online purchase, you don't have to spend $50.00, but at least $15, so you could essentially score some nice beauty items for free. 

Keep in mind that the shipping is $5.95, but the $15 could cover that if need be. Today is the last day to use the code, if you have it. Most VIB members were sent this code.