Wednesday, December 4, 2013

In case you're wondering

Where Have I Been? Simple. Oncology.

What do you do when life throws curve balls at you? Do you just run and duck for cover? Do you try to deal with those challenges head-on?

There was once a wise man who said, "If you were to place all of your troubles in a circle along with everybody else, you would be glad to pickup your troubles and go home at the end of the day."'

Death and sickness are synomous with each other and it's not an easy topic to approach, especially when it's right at your front door.

When your time is limited with someone your care for a lot, then everything else really doesn't matter.
Everything else can take a backseat to what's most important at that moment, which is sharing all the moments you can with that person until that person transitions to another place.

I have neglected my blog, true enough, but that's because the greatest man I know is going through a horrible bout with cancer.

I just keep thinking to myself if I have more time... just a little more time, then maybe I can get it right, Just maybe I can live up to the potential that we all know I possess.

That just maybe this man, who had such great hopes for me, can leave this earth with the comfort knowing that I wasn't such a huge disappointment.

But I'm afraid I don't have the time I need to get it right, and knowing that, makes me feel worst than you could possibly imagine.

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