Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mars Summer Movie Moments Sweepstakes (Apparently Everyone Wins)

Through August 10th, simply text the word MOVIE to 78787, enter your birth date and then your email address to enter in the M&M’s Movie Sweepstakes for a chance to be one of 500,000 winners who will score a completely FREE $6 MasterCard that will be valid to use at any streaming movie or online provider that accepts MasterCard (OR you can choose to have $6 applied to your cable bill for movies on demand)!
After you have texted your info – you’ll get a quick response that will state if you’ve won a prize or not. If it says you’ve won, head on over here and enter your unique code that is sent to you via text message. Note that standard text messaging rates do apply.

Note: If you’d like to snag a FREE $6 MasterCard, be sure to choose the button on the right that reads “$6 Use at a Movie Streaming Service”. If you choose the other one ($6 Movies on Demand Credit) they will apply the $6 to your cable bill for movies on demand. Next, be sure to click print and instructions on how to use your $6 MasterCard should pop up. This PDF file will have your unique card number and an address to put for billing info. The PDF link will also be emailed to you.


with WM, you have to send yourself a $6 eGC, the plastic cards require $10 minimum. Then you can print it out and use it in store.
with Target, you can also send yourself an eGC, but you can only send $5. I used the remaining $1 for Amazon credit.
Someone mentioned Panara Bread, and if I win again, I’ll order an eGC b/c you can enter an amount $2 or more. If you choose the plastic card, they charge shipping. But CVS, you can order a $6 plastic gift card and they’ll send free.

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