Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Memorial Day Price Match Special (Video To come Soon)

Many stores are preparing for Memorial Day by offering spectacular savings. 

I, for one, plan to take advantage by doing all of my shopping, or most of it, at Wal-mart.

Why? To save on gas, money and time. 

Kraft Mayo or Salad dressing 30 oz for $1.99 (good deal)
They also have Rib-eye Steak for $4.49 per pound (great deal)

6 Corn Ears for $1.00 (you can't beat that!)

Ballpark hot dogs various varieties for $1.50, plus a $.75 off 2 coupon :)

The rising cost of beef is unbelievable. Ground beef  normally costs $3.98 per pound and that's at Walmart -- home of the low prices...

Leg quarters for $.49 per pound= good deal!

Wish Bone salad dressing for $.99 is a good deal and so is the cool whip for $.79

Buy two 12 packs and get 3 free that should be a great deal!

There are a lot of B1G1 Free items at Tomthumb(Safeway) this week, and paired with coupons, that should make for some extraordinary savings!

Best Deals of The Week

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