Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Target Clearance

I found some excellent finds at Target today. They had a lot of soap and deodorant on clearance. 

I'm going back on Saturday, because there are some AXE and Old Spice coupons coming out Saturday (early edition) and Sunday.

Also, are you familiar with Target's new savings app called Cart Wheel?

It is super easy to use, but you have to have Facebook. 

You sign-up using your Facebook account, then you add the selected coupons to your cart. You then print out the savings barcode, and give it to the sales attendant during checkout. 

You can even combine the Target Cart Wheel coupons with Target printable coupons!

Go Here to find out more: Target Cart Wheel 

The coupons are mostly a percentage off -- like 5 percent.

They have a 5% off AXE coupon.

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