Friday, May 3, 2013

My Victoria's Secret Reward Card Trip 4/30

It's no secret. I love, love, love Victoria's Secret and of course I was not going to let  $40.00 in Reward card credit just go to waste. I didn't want to order online, because I was going to be out of a lot money --just with shipping alone, simply because I could only use one Secret Reward Card, per transaction, online.

The breakdown of what I bought:

Three PINK items for $30.00 (2 lotions and 1 body butter)
Victoria's Secret Leg Shimmer for $12.00
2 Victoria's Secret body sprays (18.00)

My total was around $65.00 with tax!

Here's how I did my transaction:

I used a $10.00 off $50.00 coupon found on the bottom of most VS receipts, so that brought my total down to $55.00
Next, I used my SRC.
Normally, you can only use one Secret Reward Card per transaction, however, since it was the last day, I was allowed to combined all of the SRC, which was $40.00 in all. That brought my total down to $15.00.
Then I remember a friend gifted me a card from Wrapp for $5.00, which ultimately brought my resting total down to around $10.00

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