Thursday, October 3, 2013

Competition will likely drive down prices on cellular service

It seems that cell phone companies are listening clearly when it comes to consumer wants.

But what do consumers really want?

1)Good/Great Coverage
2)Reliable Service
3)Affordable Plans.

Clearly competition makes a better market place for the consumer, and that's why most detest monopolies. 

Many cell phone providers have rolled out pricing plans that are far cheaper than what most paid just six years ago. Now, many of these new plans come with unlimited data,text, and talk. And gone are the days of high unnecessary fees and premature heart attacks, because of the ever-changing and all to surprising random number bills. Yes, back then cell phone providers would pick an unusually high random number, and either force you to pay or feel the burn of being disconnected from the world.  

Below are some comparison charts:

So, as you can see from the above charts, T-mobile provides unlimited service for only $50 per month, and just $25 a month for families that have at least four lines. Financially speaking T-mobile would seemingly be the most cost-effective choice. 

You wouldn't be able to purchase any plans similar that would be cheaper than $25 per month, right?

Wrong. The market has become totally saturated with cell phone service providers, and this is a win/win for you. 

Because of the heavy competition, companies are always trying to find more ways to attract consumers. And now, more so than ever, companies are really driving down prices.

Here are a few companies that you may not be familiar with, but in a the coming months, you're sure to learn more about them.

FreedomPOP-- Have you heard of that old saying, "If it's free, then it's for me?" Well Freedompop is the first cellular company, that is offering absolutely free service. This is not a government sponsored program, and you will have to purchase a specially designed phone to utilize the service. The free service will allow you to have 1000 texts, 200 voice calls, and 500 MB data usage. Amazing, right?

But what if you want more... like unlimited text and talk. Well they gotcha covered, because the unlimited text and talk plan starts at on $10.99 a month. 

But that's not enough you say???? You want free celluar service that has unlimited everything, and actually pays YOU for using the service???

Then you should definitely look into
This service provider rewards you for being social. They have unlimited plans and the more people you refer the less your bill becomes. And if you refer 9 people, you won't have to pay a bill for an entire year, plus you receive a commission for every person you sign up. 

I can't wait to see what's next!

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