Thursday, October 3, 2013

Don't miss the season premiere of ABC's Scandal

I'm officially a scandalholic, there I said it. I've been holding in for a while. Though, for the summer I've been suffering quietly with night sweats and chills, apparently I was going through a Scandal withdrawal. Soon enough, it'll all be over.

So during the last season, alot of exciting and horrific events occurred. In no important order, below are the top 10 most scandalous moments.

  1. President Fitzgerald Grant killing Supreme Court Justice Verna Thornton
  2. Finding out that the mole was Sally Langston's chief of staff
  3. Finding out that Huck is a very tortured soul-- they put him through hell last season
  4. Olivia Pope has a dad-- her family has never ever before seen the light of day
  5. Finding out her dad is a CIA head houncho her possibly put Olivia's life at risk in order to protect the "republic"
  6. Finding out that Mellie is brilliantly evil--I fell in love with her character, which is weird, because I absolutely despised her in season one.
  7. Finding out that Quinn has a very dark side to her, and she doesn't mind using it
  8. Finding out that Jake is actually one of the good guys-- it was a lot of touch and go with his character.
  9. The secret is out and now the world know's Olivia Pope as the president's mistress
  10. Learning that David betrayed  OP&O. only to find out that he really didn't

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