Thursday, October 3, 2013

UPDATE: Target Free $54.99 Timex watch with coupon not a glitch?

Hey guys, not only is Target reporting that BOGO Free coupon that takes off the higher price item wasn't an oversight,but
 they're still honoring this deal until the coupon officially expires tomorrow

if you weren't aware of this deal, here is a recap:

So here lies the debate: Should I get a free Timex watch or not?

Many people bum-rushed Target's jewelry section looking cheap, clearanced jewelry while also looking for expensive Timex watches, some with a price tag of $54.

A lot of people purchased earrings for under $3 and a $49.99 watch for FREE

While it's not illegal to use the coupon for unintended purposes. I mean, how were we supposed to know that the coupon would auto-deduct the most expensive price, right?

But it is unethical.

I haven't done this deal yet, I'm still in the process of digesting it.

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