Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dallas/ Fort Worth Price Match For Walmart and Target

Below is a list of items that you can price match either at Walmart or Target. Keep in mind that Target is really strict about price matching, so call ahead to avoid any surprises.  Also, Tom Thumb has a spectacular sale on beef, buy one get one free. 

Apples, Braeburn, $0.99/lb Sprouts 
Apples, Fuji, $0.99/lb Sprouts ($1.29 Albertsons)
Apples, Jonagold, $0.77/lb Market Street  ($0.99 Sprouts)
Apples, Red Delicious, $0.97/lb Kroger 
Avocado, $.25/ea El Rancho  $.50/ea Diamond, Super Save
Avocados, Hass, $0.33/ea Sprouts  ($0.39 Albertsons)
Bananas, $0.39/lb Aldi ($.44/lb El Rancho) 
Blackberries, 6 oz, $2.00/ea Kroger 
Blueberries, 6 oz, $2.00/ea Sprouts 
Clementines, 3-lbs, $1.98/ea Aldi  
Clementines, 5-lbs, $4.99/ea Tom Thumb 
Grapes, black, $1.99/lb Sprouts 
Grapes, green, $1.38/lb Sack N Save ($1.99/lb Sprouts, Albertsons, Brookshires)
Grapes, red, $0.99/lb Aldi  ($1.38/lb Sack N Save, $1.99 Sprouts)
Lemons, $.20/ea Sack N Save 
Mangos, regular $.50/ea Sack N Save 
Mangos, ataulfo, $.25/ea El Rancho 
Oranges, Navel, 8-lb bag $3.99 Albertsons (Fri-Sun only)
Oranges, Navel 4-lb bag, $1.59/ea Aldi ($2.99 Super Save)
Oranges, 8/$1 ($.13/ea) El Rancho
Papaya, $.69/lb El Rancho ($.79/lb Sack N Save)
Pears, (looks lie D'Anjou), $.75/lb Aldi
Pears, D'Anjou, $0.97/lb Kroger ($0.99 Market Street)
Pineapple, $2.00/ea Brookshires ($2.50 Sprouts)
Strawberries, 16 oz, $.99/ea 99only Store
Watermelon, personal size, $2.00/ea Kroger 

Bell Peppers, green, $0.49/ea Sprouts 
Bell Peppers, red, $0.88/ea Sprouts ($1.50 Brookshires)
Bell Peppers, orange, $1.50/ea Brookshires 
Bell Peppers, yellow, $1.50/ea Brookshires 
Broccoli Crowns, $0.99/lb Sprouts ($1.29 Albertsons)
Cabbage, green, $.33/lb El Rancho
Carrots, baby 1-lb bag $.99 Sack N Save 
Carrots, baby, 2-lb bag, $2.50/ea Albertsons
Carrots, whole, 1-lb bag $.49/ea El Rancho
Cauliflower, $1.50/ea Sprouts 
Celery, $0.99/ea Sprouts 
Cilantro, $.25/bunch El Rancho  (3/$.88 or $.23/ea Sack N Save)
Cucumbers, $0.49/ea Sprouts )$.59/ea Super Save) 
Eggplant, $0.99/lb Sprouts 
Mini Sweet Peppers, 1-lb bag $2.99 Sack N Save 
Mushrooms, whole, $.99/lb (99only Store)
Onions, white, $.50/lb El Rancho
Onions, yellow, $.50/lb Sack N Save ($0.79/lb Brookshires)
Potatoes, Russet, $.99 for five pounds 99only Store
Serano Peppers, $.29/lb, Super Plaza
Squash, Zucchini, $0.88/lb Sprouts 
Tomatoes, Nature's Sweet, any type 10.5 oz, $2.50/ea Albertsons 
Tomatoes, on-the-vine, $0.97/lb Market Street ($1.49 Tom Thumb)
Tomatoes, Roma, $.44/lb El Rancho  ($0.88/lb Sprouts) 
Tomatoes, Large, $.50/lb/El Rio Grande

Produce Section: 

Hamburger or hot dog buns, store brand, 8 ct, $0.79 Albertsons ($1.00 Kroger)
Sara Lee bread or buns for $1.49 Kroger
Bimbo soft white or wheat bread, 20 oz $1.50 El Rancho
Mission super size corn or fajita grande flour tortillas, 10 ct $1.39 Sack N Save 
Calidad corn tortillas, 72 ct, lim 1 $.98 Sack N Save 
Mission corn tortillas, white or yellow, 80 ct $2.88 El Rancho  

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, 3.6 oz cup, $1.00 Kroger 
Blue Bell Ice Cream, 1 pt, $1.33 Kroger
Dreyer's Ice Cream, 48 oz, $2.99 Albertsons 
Bertolli Frozen Meals, $4.99 Kroger 
Banquet Pot Pies or Fruit Pies, 7 oz $.68 Diamond 
California Pizza Kitchen, 11.9-34.2 oz, $5.00 Brookshires 1.25/1 3/17 RP
DiGiorno Pizza, 12 inch, $4.38 Sack N Save ($4.97 Market Street, $5.00 Brookshires)
Freschetta Pizza, 16.08-28.01 oz, $5.00 Tom Thumb save 1/1 (
Kashi Pizza, 11.7-12.9 oz, $5.00 Tom Thumb 
Totino's Party Pizza, 9.5-10.9 oz, $1.00 Brookshires 
Totino's Pizza Rolls, 15 ct, $1.00 Brookshires 
Bat-S Corn Dogs, 3 lbs, $2.88 lim 2 Sack N Save Fri-Sun only ($3.98 El Rancho, $3.99 Brookshires) 
Super Pretzels, 13 oz $2.00 Sack N Save
Hot or Lean Pockets, 6.5-10 oz, $2.00 Kroger 
Kellogg's Eggo Waffles, 6-10 ct, $1.99 Albertsons 

Pace Picante Sauce, 16 oz, $1.49 Brookshires 
Hidden Valley Ranch dressing, 24 oz $2.49 Kroger, all varieties. (look for peelies)
Tabasco Hot Sauce, 2 oz, $.99 (Fiesta)
Rice, Pasta, Potatoes: 
Barilla Pasta, 12-16 oz, $1.19 Market Street 
La Moderna Pasta, $.20 lim 10 Sack N Save
Lawry's Marinades, $.99 ea. Kroger
Classico Marina or Alfredo Saue, 15-24 oz $2.19 Sack N Save 
McCornmick Grillmates, $.99 ea. Kroger 
Maruchan Instant Lunch, 2.25 oz cup, $.33/ea El Rancho 
Knorr Sides, 3.8-5.7 oz $.99 Sack N Save
Kraft Mac & Cheese, original, 7.25 oz $.88 Diamond 
Betty Crocker Helpers, 4.3-9.2 oz, $1.00 Brookshires 

Hormel Chili with Beans, 15 oz, $1.50 Tom Thumb 
Starkist Chunk Light Tuna, in oil or water, 5 oz $.88 Diamond
Red Gold tomatoes, 28 oz, $0.69 Albertsons   
Red Gold tomato sauce, 15 oz, $0.69 Albertsons  

Betty Crocker Muffin Mix, 15.2-19.5 oz oz, $1.79 Brookshires 
Knorr chicken or tomato & chicken bouillon, 2.2 lb $3.98 El Rancho 

General Mills Cinnamon Toast Crunch, 12.2 oz, $2.50 Tom Thumb 
General Mills Honey Nut Cheerios, 12.25 oz, $2.50 Tom Thumb
Kellogg's Corn Flakes, 12 oz $1.99 Diamond, Super Save 
Kellogg's Frosted Flakes, 26.8 oz $2.99 El Rancho
Kellogg's Mini Wheats. 15-18 oz, $2.49 Albertsons 
Kellogg's Special K, 12-18.3 oz, $2.50 Tom Thumb 
Post Cereal, select varieties 11-14.75 oz, $2.00 Kroger 
Quaker Cap'n Crunch, 14 oz, $1.99 Brookshires 

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, 6-10 ct, $1.49 Brookshires 
Kellogg's Fruit Snacks, 6-10 ct, $1.99 Diamond ($2.00 Market Street) 
Fiber One Snack Bars, $1.99 Brookshires 
General Mills Snack Bars, $1.99 Brookshires 
Nature Valley Snack Bars, $1.99 Brookshires 
Nutri-Grain bars, 6-8 ct, $2.50 Albertsons 
Quaker Chewy Granola Bars, 8 ct, $1.99 Brookshires 
Powerbar, $1.00 Albertsons 

Refrigerated Case: 
Ground, 93/7%, $3.88 Albertsons 
Ground, 85/15%, $2.47 Albertsons (Fri-Sun only)
Ground, 80/20% "family pack" $2.89/lb Diamond, Super Save 
Ground, "regular" 73/27% $1.87/lb El Rancho ($1.88/lb Sack N Save Fri-Sun only "family pack")
Ground beef patties, 85/15%, regular or seasoned, $3.88/lb Albertsons
USDA Choice New York Strip Steak, $6.99 Sprouts 
USDA Choice T-Bone Steak, $4.99 Albertsons  
Top round steak, $2.48/lb El Rancho
Top Round Roast, $3.29/lb Sack N Save
Tip roast, sirloin, boneless $3.39/lb Sack N Save  
Chuck Steak, $2.98/lb El Rancho
Stew meat, boneless, $2.98/lb El Rancho
Beef shank, $2.58/lb El Rancho   
Short Ribs, boneless $2.99/lb Diamond   

Drumsticks, $.69/lb
Chicken breast, bonless, skinless, $1.68/lb El Rancho
Fryer Breasts, boneless, skinless, "lim 10 lbs" $1.49/lb Albertsons (Fri-Sun only)

Country style ribs, boneless, $2.39 Market Street 
Pork chops, assorted, bone-in, $.99/lb El Rancho ($1.49/lb Diamond, $1.88 Kroger) 
Pork Chops, boneless, "family pack" $1.99/lb Sack N Save 
Thin tip steak, $2.28/lb
Spare ribs, $1.99/lb Diamond ($2.28/lb El Rancho)
Pork loin roast, $2.58/lb El Rancho
Sirloin Roast, boneless, $1.89/lb Sack N Save
Bar-S hot dogs, meat, chicken, or turkey franks, 12 oz $.78 El Rancho 
Eckrich Smoked Sausage, Links, or Lil Smokies, 13-16 oz $1.99 El Rancho
Oscar Mayer Bacon, 16 oz, $2.88 Kroger 
Oscar Mayer Bologna, Solami, Turkey 16 0z, $.99 El Rio Grande
Owens sausage, 1-lb roll, $1.88 lim 2 Sack N Save Fri-Sun only
Tyson FROZEN boneless, skinless chicken breasts or tenders, 2.5 lb bag lim 2 $3.98 Sack N Save Fri-Sun only

Chocolate Milk, store brand, half gal, $1.67 Kroger 
Country Crock, 45 oz, $1.99 Albertsons ($2.99 Tom Thumb)
Imperial Margarine Quarters, 16 oz, $0.49 Albertsons 
Shedd's Spread, 45 oz, $1.99 Albertsons ($2.99 Tom Thumb)
Cheese, store brand, chunk, 16 oz, $2.99 Kroger 
Cheese, store brand, shredded, 16 oz, $2.99 Kroger 
Cheese, store brand, slices 16 oz, $2.99 Kroger 
Sargento Shredded Cheese, 5-8 oz $2.00 Diamond, Super Save
Cottage Cheese, store brand, 16 oz, $1.00 Kroger  ($2.00 Albertsons)
Velveeta, 32 oz loaf, $4.97 Market Street 
Sour Cream, store brand, 16 oz, $1.00 Kroger ($1.50 Albertsons)
Dip, store brand, 16 oz, $1.00 Kroger 
Chobani Greek Yogurt, $1.00 Sprouts, Kroger
Yoplait Greek yogurt, 5.3-6 oz cup $.99 Diamond, Super Save
Yoplait Yogurt, 6 oz cups, $0.50 Tom Thumb, Market Street

Other Refrigerated: 
Armour Lunchmakers, 2.6-3.2 oz $.88 El Rancho
Oscar Mayer Lunchables, 3.1-4.4 oz $.68 lim 8 Sack N Save Fri-Sun only 
Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits 8 ct $1.50 Diamond 

Celestial Seasonings, 18-20 ct, $2.00 Tom Thumb 
Community Coffee, 12 oz, $5.00 Brookshires 
Lipton Tea, 100% Natural, 20 oz, $0.88 Albertsons 
Maxwell House Wake Up Roast, 30.65 oz $5.99 Diamond


Capri Sun, 10 pk, $2.00 Market Street 
Capri Sun, spout pouch, 11.2 oz, $0.88 Albertsons 
Mott's Apple Juice, 64 oz, $1.67 Tom Thumb 
Ocean Spray Juice Blends, 64 oz $1.99 Diamond 
Petit Nectars, 11.2 oz cans, $.20/ea El Rancho
Simply Juice, 59 oz, $2.25 Kroger ($3.00 Tom Thumb)
Tampico, 1 gal, $98/ea El Rancho, Sack N Save
Tropicana, 89 oz, $5.00 Tom Thumb, Fri only
Trop50, 89 oz, $5.00 Tom Thumb, Fri only 

12 pk of 12 oz cans: 
7UP , $3.67 Market Street 
Dr Pepper , $3.29 Albertsons ($3.67 Market Street)
Mtn Dew , $3.29 Albertsons ($3.67 Market Street)
Pepsi , $3.29 Albertsons ($3.67 Market Street)
Sunkist , $3.29 Albertsons ($3.67 Market Street)

1-2 L bottles: 
7UP, 2L, $1.00 Kroger ($1.25 Brookshires)
Dr Pepper, 2L, $1.00 Kroger 
Pepsi, 2L $1.00 Tom Thumb

6 pk of 16.9 oz bottles: 
7UP , $2.22 Albertsons 
Coke , $3.29 Albertsons 
Diet Coke , $3.29 Albertsons 
Coke Zero, $3.29 Albertsons 
Dr Pepper , $2.22 Albertsons 
Sprite , $3.29 Albertsons 
Sunkist , $2.22 Albertsons 

8 pk of 12 oz bottles: 
7UP , $3.67 Market Street 
Dr Pepper , $3.67 Market Street 
Mtn Dew , $3.67 Market Street 
Pepsi , $3.67 Market Street 
Sunkist , $3.67 Market Street 

Sports Drinks/Flavored Water: 
Powerade, 32 oz $.69 Tom Thumb
Powerade Zero, 32 oz $.69 Tom Thumb
Sobe Life Water, 20 oz, $0.88 Albertsons ($1.00 Kroger)
Sobe, 20 oz, $1.00 Kroger 
Vitamin Water, 20 oz, $0.99 Market Street 

Nestle Pure Life water, 24 pk of .5L bottles $3.33 Super Save
Niagara, 24 pk of 16.9 oz bottles, $2.22 Albertsons 
Ozarka, 24 pk of 16.9 oz bottles, $2.99 Kroger 
Ozarka, 3L $.99 Sack N Save 
Water, store brand, 24 pk of .5L bottles, $2.50 El Rancho

Rockstar Energy Drink, 12-16 oz, $1.00 Kroger, Brookshires
Amp Energy Drink, 16 oz, $1.00 Kroger 
Kool Aid or Country Time drink mix, makes 8 quarts, lim 4 $1.50 Sack N Save
Mio Water Enhancer 1.62 oz $3.49 Diamond, Super Save 

Cheetos, 9-10.5 oz, $2.00 Kroger 
Cheez-Its, 13.7 oz, $1.88 Albertsons ($1.99 Tom Thumb)
Doritos, 11-11.5 oz, $1.99 Tom Thumb, $2.50 Brookshires, Market Street, Diamond, Super Save
Fritos, 9-10.5 oz, $2.00 Kroger ($2.50 Market Street)
Frito Lay Variety Pack, 20 ct, $4.99 Albertsons ($5.00 Tom Thumb)
Keebler Club Crackers, 9.5-16 oz, $1.88 Albertsons 
Keebler Flip Side Crackers, 9.5-16 oz, $1.88 Albertsons 
Keebler Townhouse Crackers, 9.5-16 oz, $1.88 Albertsons 
Kettle Chips, 8.5 oz, $1.97 Market Street 
Ritz crackers, 7.5-15.1 oz, $2.00 Brookshires 
Ruffles Potato Chips, 8.25-9 oz, $2.50 Kroger, Diamond, Super Save 

Mars Fun Size, 6 pk, $0.99 Albertsons  
Mars King Size, $0.99 Albertsons 

Cookies/Snack Cakes: 
Keebler Chips Deluxe, $1.88 Albertsons 
Keebler Cookies, select varieties 10-15 oz, $2.00 Brookshires 
Keebler Fudge Shoppe, 6.6-15 oz, $1.88 Albertsons 
Keebler Sandies, $1.88 Albertsons 
Keebler Soft Batch cookies, 6.6-15 oz, $1.88 Albertsons 
Keebler Vanilla Wafers, 6.6-15 oz, $1.88 Albertsons 
Little Debbie snack cakes, 10.5-13oz $1.25 Super Save
Nabisco Oreos, 7-15.7 oz, $2.50 Tom Thumb 

Jack Links Beef Jerky, 3.25 oz #3.99 Sack N Save

Paper, Baggies, Foil: 
Angel Soft bath tissue, 4 reg rolls, lim 4 $.98 Sack N Save
Charmin Ultra bath tissue, 24 dbl rolls, $10.99 Tom Thumb WYB2  
Quilted Northern, 12 dbl or 24 reg rolls, $5.99 Kroger  
Foam plates, store brand, 40 ct $.97 El Rancho

Swiffer Refills, select varieties, $7.99 Kroger 
Clorox wipes, 75-80 ct $.500 Tom Thumb, Fri only

Dish and Laundry Soaps: 
Ajax liquid, 30 oz $1.49 tom Thumb
Cascade Rinse Aid, 8.45 oz, $1.79 Brookshires 
Dawn dish soap, 56 oz $5.00 Tom Thumb, Fri only
ALL brand liquid laundry detergent, 28-32 loads, $2.99 Albertsons 
ALL brand laundry detergent Pacs, 24 ct, $3.33 Brookshires 
Gain powder laundry detergent, 22-30 loads, $2.99 El Rancho
OxiClean, 3 lbs, $5.00 Tom Thumb, Fri only
Tide liquid laundry detergent, 50 oz, $5.99 Tom Thumb 
Tide powder laundry detergent, 40-42 oz, $5.99 Tom Thumb 

Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioner, 10.17 oz $2.29 Sack N Save
Pantene Hair Shampoo and Conditioner, 12.6 oz, $2.50 Albertsons, Market Street
Pantene Hair styling products, 6.8-12.6 oz, $2.50 Albertsons, Market Street 
Old Spice or Secret Deodorant, 2.7-3.25 oz $2.39 Diamond, Super Save
Crest Toothpaste, 3.6 oz $.99 Sack N Save
Crest Toothpaste, 6.4 oz $1.79 Diamond, Super Save  
Colgate toothpaste, 6.4 oz $.98 El Rancho
Softsoap hand soap, 7.5 oz pump, $1.00 Kroger
Stayfree Maxi Pads, 14-24 ct, $2.50 Market Street 

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