Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Weekly Savings Tip 3: Don't Buy In Bulk All The Time

If you're truly serious about saving money, and maybe even earning money while saving, then please do away with the Costco and Sam's Club membership starting now.

Sam's club  and Costco yearly membership is around $50.00. For $50.00 yearly you  can purchase bulk items, save on taxes, and get offered "exclusive" deals that supposedly fatten your wallet.

Subsequently, if you are serious about couponing, most items, if not all, you can purchase for pennies on the dollar or for free.

For instance, in the picture below, I purchased individual Febreze air fresheners for $1.00. At that particular time, they were on sale for $1.00, thus, making them free when paired with a coupon for .50 off that doubled.  However, there was a 3-pack of  Febreze air freshers for $2.79. In theory the 3-pack would be the way to go, if a coupon was not available. But If i were to buy these air fresheners in bulk, I would have lost money.

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