Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Did I Commit Coupon Fraud?

Yes, I did.

You see, lately the verbiage on coupons have changed. Automatically, coupons read: one coupon per purchase, which means one coupon per item. Now coupons are stating one coupon per purchase, per customer. I can be pretty oblivious at times, that  I confess. I'm not a detail oriented person, but I digress.

On numerous occasions, I ordered coupons, on average, about 20.  I ordered some Neutrogena 5/2 coupons, and I didn't realize it read one per customer until the checkout girl pointed it out.

 I was embarrassed and sort of sad. I was attempting to use four of the coupons, but if manufactures are starting to enforce strict limitations on coupons, it's going to be really hard on us, especially if you're like me.  I always buy in pairs, because I have a thing against odd numbers.

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