Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Download Boomerang From the App Store (free gifts)

There is a new emerging trend, where many people are using their phones or other mobile devices to send gifts electronically. Iphone and Android now have applications where you can send gift cards.

My all-time favorite is Wrapp, usually Wrapp will have multiple gift cards for you to send to people, for free. However, you need to have a Facebook account and the receiver needs to have one as well.

Who has friends that are not on Facebook?

Next, There's Boomerang. Boomerang allows you to send gifts as well, however, you can upgrade those gifts to twice the value, usually, by adding funds to a gift card. So lets say that there's a $25.00 Claires gift card, you can turn that $25.00 into $50.00. You will also need to have a Facebook account for this to work as well.

For Wrapp, you don't need a smart phone, you can sign-up through your computer.

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